Our Capabilities

In House

Liquistore has the in-house capabilities and expertise to provide full project life cycle solutions. From complex front-end engineering design, construction, installation and commissioning to long-term maintenance scheduling and asset support, our in-house capacity fully covers your requirements. For our clients this means a single interface throughout the entire project, significantly reducing the risk, costs and time involved when dealing with multiple projects.

On Site

Liquistore has a proven track record of delivering on-site installations in urban and remote regions, and has a solid core of experienced personnel to deliver efficiently carried out installations and site erections. All our erection crews are fully qualified and trained personnel to carry out fast onsite constructions.


Liquistore's engineering competence is a key competitive advantage. We employ highly experienced engineering experts to add value through every phase of a project. From concept development through to commissioning and operation, our engineering capability is the key to making our client's vision a reality.

Project Management

Liquistore's comprehensive engineering, construction and project management capabilities ensure that constructability is built into every design and erection we produce. Engineers involved in the design phase of our projects are always transferred to the construction and project management phase. This effective transfer of knowledge and control means reduced construction time frames, costs and risks for our clients, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Our Team

We believe that our people are central to our culture and success. As we seek to grow, our success will be determined by our ability to attract and retain the best talent and experience in the industry. Hiring the right leaders is integral to our long-term success. We develop our dynamic project teams by assigning the right team leader with the right experience, then build a complementary team underneath. Strong leadership programs support our leaders in the persuit of excellence. Our team are fully trained, skilled and professional staff. Our people policies encourage a performance-based culture instilling the values of personal responsibility, accountability, learning and one consistent professional approach.