Fusion Bonded Epoxy

With state of the art technology, corrosion resistant coating, extremely low maintenance requirements, and fast installation by our certified building crews, our fusion bonded epoxy tank system may be the last storage tank you ever need.

Fusion Bonded Epoxy Tanks

Liquistore utilizes the fusion bonded epoxy tank technology which is bolted together and sealed with a moisture cured urethane compound.

Epoxy powder coated mild steel is a robust material, with excellent resistance to impact. A highly resistant polyurethane sealant ensures that the tank effectively holds more aggressive content, such as raw sewage and industrial effluent to a ph level between 2 - 13.

Plates for these tanks are prepared using a two coat, two fire processes, ensuring a pin-hole free coating, tested at 1000v. This makes each panel highly resilient to surface damage.

The first internal and external coat being epoxy powder and the second coat being epoxy powder internally and polyester externally. The external polyester top coat is then applied to UV to stabilise the epoxy powder, and to give the required colour to the tank.

A tank is not a tank until it is installed and tested. Liquistore will ship and install the tank complete with a concrete or steel foundation base. Our factory trained and certified building crews will ensure the high quality control measures taken in the factory are carried forward during installation and start up.


Download the Liquistore FBE brochure.